Aquarium Fish Compatibility Chart

Friend or Foe

Here’s a great infographic for anybody wanting to add fish to their tank, but are not sure what fish are compatible.

Click for full-sized image.

Livestock Compatibility Chart

Livestock Compatibility Chart


  1. Brenda Rand

    This is a great chart, and I would love to place it on my website except for one thing; goldfish can’t be kept with minnows or danios. Reason being; danios are small fish, and goldfish will eat any fish it can fit in its mouth. Minnows grow up to three inches, and although they aren’t small, a large goldfish can eat a minnows

    Koi too will also eat any fish it can fit in its mouth. Although both goldfish and Koi have the very same needs, minnows as well; proportionate sizing for tank mates is the key

    Over the years we had many a sad fish keeper cry over their missing fish. People find it hard to believe their goldfish could do such a dastardly deed, but yes, there’s a darker side to these fish. They are prey and predator. This is a surprise to some people, considering common goldfish are sold as feeders

    I think putting the wrong fish with the wrong fish is a common mistake

    Are danios the fish with the little barbs on their heads? Can’t remember the name of the fish, but you wouldn’t believe how many people have come to my site freaked out because of their goldfish had one of these fish stuck in its mouth

    Something that surprised me; the author didn’t place sucker fish with goldfish; one of the most common errors goldfish keepers make. The suckers are attracted to the goldfish slime coat, and their bites eventually become infected. Yes, that innocent loach comes to life at night while the goldfish sleeps, taking full advantage

    1. FishFanOne (Post author)

      The chart specifically deals with water parameters and tank conditions. Danios and Goldfish can thrive in the same waters.
      The chart doesn’t take into account too much the fact that if a omnivorous/carnivorous fish can fit another fish in it’s mouth…it’s going to eat it. That’s just common sense and something every aquarist should be aware of.



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