Friend or Foe

Aquarium Fish Compatibility Chart

Here’s a great infographic for anybody wanting to add fish to their tank, but are not sure what fish are compatible. Click for full-sized image.

Fish Humor

Fish Humor #0001

  Click for full sizes.     Visit the full gallery here now.  I’ll add further memes that are sent to me to this gallery…

Rice Paddy

The Natural Habitat of The Betta Splenden (Siamese Fighting Fish)

One of the more beautiful fish in the fishkeeping hobby is the Betta Splenden, also widely known as the Siamese Fighting Fish. These fish come in a variety of different colours ranging from deep blues and greens, right through purples,…
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The Nitrogen Cycle - An Illustration

Key Concepts: The Nitrogen Cycle

Now the Nitrogen Cycle is something EVERY aquarist (fish keeper) should know. Even those who don’t know or understand it know they should know it. Although within your fish tank the Nitrogen Cycle works on a very small scale, it…
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The Glossary

A lot of people ask me the meanings of the terms used in fishkeeping, such as “what is a hospital/quarantine tank?” and “what does ‘filtration’ mean?”. This page is going to be a work in progress, however as and when…
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Why Do You Keep Fish?

Many people who meet me – without knowing I own a small aquatics business – always ask the same thing: “Why do you keep fish?” How many of you shortly after meeting somebody with ‘normal’ pets immediately ask “Why do you…
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Ordering Problems!! – Please give feedback within.

Hiya FishFans!! It has been brought to my attention by a customer that she has had problems ordering through this website.  Her order went through absolutely fine last month, and this month it seems to not allow her past the…
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Internal Filters – What should I buy?

I get asked a lot about internal filters.  I get asked everything from “Why do I need a filter?”, to “How big a filter do I need?”, to “What are the best internal filters to buy?”. While some of these…
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Breeding Goldfish

When I  was growing up, you “couldn’t breed Goldfish”.  As I’ve learnt more and more about the hobby, it has become apparent that this is yet another relatively common misconception with Goldfish. It’s not the breeding that’s tricky, let’s be…
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Goldfish Care Guide

Here is a beginners guide to Goldfish and how to care for them. Goldfish (Carassius auratus) are a temperate fish. Whilst this generally means they don’t require a heater, it doesn’t mean they NEED cold water. They can tolerate a…
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