Bluewave Aquatics Community

Old Way, New Way

New Strategy

Hey FishFans! You spoke! I LISTENED!!

People keep asking me questions. Questions about their fish. Questions about their tanks. Questions about fish health. Questions about keeping different types of fish. Etc. Etc. Etc… name it.
The problem is it’s common for ten people to ask me the same question – and up until now I’ve been replying to each of them seperately.


The Next Level

So in true CFF fashion, I’ve decided to step it up a notch and try and help more people at once. I’ve begun writing a series of articles that will address many of the common questions that people ask me and will publish them for everybody to read, so that everybody can benefit from the knowledge and not just the individual people I’m replying to.


Business as Usual

Please carry on sending in your questions, and I shall endeavour to do my best to to answer the questions and share the knowledge with everybody.


Sharing the Knowledge

I will share the articles up on here for everybody to read and discus as we move forward.