Granular (slow sinking) (130grams)

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Slow Sinking granulate food, suitable for tropical aquarium fish.

  • High in Protein
  • Complete Nutrition
  • Slow Sinking


High quality granular food for all tropical fish, made of high quality fish meal.

Tropical Granular is similar in many ways to Tetra Prima.  It is a slow sinking granulate food which is highly nutritious and ideal for top feeders, middle feeding fish, and bottom feeders.

Composed of 56% Crude Protein, not only is it highly nutritious and provides part of a healthy diet, it is also great for bringing on younger juveniles and fry.

This food also does not break up in the water and does not pollute the water like many other foods do.


Geat for:

  • Mid-feeders such as Barbs, Tetra, etc.
  • All freshwater tropical aquarium fish.

Feeding Guidelines: Feed 2-6 times a day. Small amounts, often. No more than your fish can consume within 5 minutes.

Composition: Fish meal, wheat, hemoglobin powder, wheat gluten, soy concentrate, soy protein concentrates, lecithin, mono-calcium phosphate, antioxidants.

Analytical Constituents:
Crude protein 47%,
Fat 9.0%,
Dietary fiber 1.0%,
Ash 10.8%,
Moisture 8%.

Vitamin A - 14,000 IU (IU)/kg.,
Vitamin D3 - 2,141 IU/(UI)/kg.,
Vitamin E - 300 mg/kg.,
Vitamin C - 500 mg/kg.

Net Weight:  130g