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You read it correctly! - There has been people asking for sample packs...and well, why not.  Here at Bluewave Aquatics we're so confident your fish will love our foods that we're more than willing to send out some samples so you can see for yourself! - you'll have to meet half way though and cover the standard postage of £3.95.

Included in each pack:

  • Tropical Flake
  • Algae Wafers
  • Tropical Granular
  • Malawi Flake
  • ProColour Flake
  • Sinking Pellets 


Each sample pack will contain a small amount of each food we stock here at Bluewave Aquatics so you can experience the quality for yourselves.  You, and your fish, will not be disappointed.

 Happy, Healthy Fish = Happy Fishkeeper  :)

Add to Cart / Buy it Now and proceed through checkout as normal, then simply pay the postage and your free sample pack will be sent out to you.  There is not an unlimited supply of these however, so get yours now!!


Note:  Sample Packs are limited to one pack per transaction.